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private cameras have cracked down on crime in one of the hot spots and the wealthiest neighborhoods. hello i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. home to the rich and famous, attracting a lot of crime. they want to put more private cameras, but some are wondering if it is too much big brother. like it or not, those cameras are on the way. >> the citizens association will be testing it out. putting up roughly 10 out of their own cameras on homes and businesses. according to metropolitan policestats, thefts are up. the group has been calling on cameras for years. it's about preserving the charm of georgetown while protecting
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their citizens. >> reporter: she's on a crusade for cameras in georgetown. a citizen's association board member on the public safety committee. >> i was personalized burglarized twice when i lived around the corner. my neighbor was burglarized on this block two weeks ago. there's a lot of street crime. >> it makes us feel safer. >> more cameras in general creep us out. >> yeah. do you feel violated in >> no, but now i'm flattered. >> yes, we have. >> reporter: he manages martin's tavern. they have had cameras out here for five years. >> we got that on tape. someone's car got this car off of here.
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and people knocked on their planners. >> certain guidelines will be in place when the new cameras go in place. reviews will be here only if they have a crime. reporting a baltimore neighborhood just signed an agreement to use cameras wired directly to the police department. now under d.c. law, they have more freedom with cameras than police do. we reached out to the d.c. police about adding private cameras with their response right now as we believe that the surveillance camera adds a level of security to a business or privately owned home they say and we would encourage them to get them when feasible. we've got a live look outside right now. a little gray and rainy. taking place on the west lawn of the capital. moved inside to the kennedy center because of the weather. show time is at 8:00. an an joins us live from the weather center. >> reporter: well tonight, we may see isolated spots of
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showers and storms, but i don't think that we'll see them. tomorrow though, the barbecue plan. well, don't forget it quite yet, but you may want a back up inside plan. take a look at your doppler radar. generally cloudy conditions, but to the south of us out towards leonardstown, you're looking at a thunderstorm right now. this is not severe, but we're looking at pretty good rainfall rates. they are showing us most of the action south of the richmond area with a couple areas of storms coming through. and st. mary's county with a flash flood warning. you can see again scattered showers and storms earlier today again. this year they could turn severe as this machine cloud some hail. don't be alarmed to see the severe thunderstorm warning issued. we'll keep you posted on that. right now temperatures are 84 degrees. still muggy out there. 70 in leesburg and gaithersburg. tonight, cloudy to muggy
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conditions. maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm. lows are bottling out to the mid-60s downtown with your full labor day forecast. we'll let you know how long the remanence of isaac will stick around. >> anything. and a late word today that they died today at the age of 92. passing away in south korea from complications of pneumonia. matt jablo joins us with the washington connection. >> he was one of the most colorful and controversial figures. the man widely very career and including the founding of the unification church in 1954 and the washington times in 1982. nearly six years after they began, the unification church remains mostly for the weddings here that they presided over, during which thousands of brides and grooms wore nearly identical clothing. one of the people that wore it as they were often referred to it here. he was often seen at the
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mysterious fringe figures. over the years, however, the founding at the washington times with the conservative bent lent some legitimacy. though the conviction of tax fraud and his proclamation, it did not help his reputation or now his legacy. in a statement that the president of the washington times said, "reverend moon had a remarkable sensibility about the influence and power of the media on culture and politics when he founded the washington times in 1982, we're grateful for his determined insight and support and plan on continuing a legacy of credible and optimistic journalism during thive toll time and in a changing world." our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire moon family for their loss. bruce, he was clearly a fascinating personality. >> yes. we have one of those here.
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they now have two children. and he was on the opposite side. communism was evil. >> yes, passionately pro- american early on in his life especially. later on not so much though. especially after the conviction on the tax fraud. excuse me. he moved away from the united states. he spoke out quite significantly and harshly against the united states in later years. >> okay, good information. i appreciate it. thank you. on the campaign trail, hitting the key swing states on his way for the democratic national convention later in charlotte. the con v kicks off on tuesday. earlier today president obama stopped at the university of colorado. >> if you're willing to vote for me, we'll win boulder and colorado. we'll win here. >> his advisors said that
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president obama will have to account for the struggling economy. >> i think next week in charlotte, the president needs to explain why he did not do what he said he would do. >> the president says he will lay out a plan to move the country forward when he accepts the party's nomination for their schedule on thursday. back here the traffic control facility shut down flights at three area control centers this morning. the faa says that the facility was evacuated at about 8:40 this morning after a fire in an office refrigerator. more violence tonight in syria. a pair of bombings in damascus left four army soldiers wounded. more than 5,000 people were killed in syria just last month, which made august the deadliest month since the uprising began some 17 months ago. earlier today, hundreds of people rallied across from the
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white house, calling attention to the situation in syria. they are killing syria, sponsored by the american council. they are are calling on the american citizens to take action to help the syrian people. >> we have stood silent for too long. watching them be killed every day by their own government. and just for wanting freedom. it is unacceptable. as we are too civilized as a nation to sit back to watch the other one and the other festival and they repeated themselves. >> the demonstrators are calling for a no fly zone over syria to prevent that army from dropping bombs on the civilian population. they turn deadly for the rockville man after he drowns in a backyard swimming pool. it happened just this afternoon at the 7000 block. the victim who has not been named was taken to shady grove venice hospital pronounced dead
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there. the medical examiner's office will determine the exact cause of his death. still ahead on 9news now, this sunday no roof, no power, no problem. some louisiana church goers are singing their blues away from the aftermath of hurricane isaac. monster truck plows into a crowd of people and all caught on camera. we'll be right back.
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there is a world war ii memorial for the remembrance of
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japan. and the 60th anniversary of the victory over japan and the marine core. they also performed there. caught on tape and out of control monster truck crashes into a
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days after hurricane isaac first hit, more than 225,000 homes are still without power. more than 12% for the entire state. about 30 miles west of new orleans. and that place, one church without electricity, but also without a roof. that did not stop the sunday service today. >> he opened up the door. that i might see. >> reporter: songs of hope and faith echoed in louisiana. the memorial church helped sunday services outside because hurricane isaac peeled the roof off the building. the doors were nearly swollen shut and they said that everything inside was ruined from the kitchen to his own office. >> and now it is all gone. >> it is all gone, yeah. but we're still here. >> reporter: they have been
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here for 19 years. they have never missed a sunday service and then they refused to let isaac break that record and their spirit. >> my building is gone, but my faith is still in god. >> reporter: the damage to the building left him in tears. saying most of the churches congregation is now homeless. >> that's why i'm crying. we would come here on sunday morning. you can imagine the love that we're showing here. yes. >> reporter: many of the roadways are still submerged. so is the area high school. hundreds of homes were flooded. but with the water receding, neighbors are stacking their possessions on the front line for the trash collectors to pick up. >> i don't care, if you have hope, you have something to hold on to. >> reporter: he does not know when he will reopen the church, but that it does not matter. he'll be back here next sunday and each one after that.
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cbs news, louisiana. >> yes. so what does it look like? >> some of it is coming our way. we're seeing showers and storms today, bruce. it will continue tomorrow in passing hay boar day for a lot of folks. if you need to cancel the barbecue, make sure that you'll back up to endure a plan, just in case you do get rained out as we're looking at scattered thunderstorms. on your sunday night, cloudy skies here in the d.c. area and within the beltway. but out towards leonardstown, we're looking at a cell -- at a cell going through. this could lead to flash fooding as we did have a flash flood warning in effect for st. mary's county earlier today as you could see most of the action that will be out south of us to richmond getting hammered with a lot of storms. here around the d.c. area, scattered storms through leesburg in germantown with the light green. that will be the light rain. but here we're looking at a good storm cell going on
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through, just north. and the orange and yellow is indicating more moderate to heavy rainfall. but the drought conditions are not good because this rain will help that. a live look at the michael and son weather camera. cloudy conditions, temperatures are now 84. 10 degrees cooler of yesterday's high of 95. that's cooler. that's the good news. temperatures are in arlington at 79 and bethesda as well. 75 in gaithersburg. annapolis cools down to the lower 80s. it is out to the west of us, prompting out the severe weather, including tornado warnings with a couple severe thunderstorm warnings as well. tomorrow through tuesday, maybe into wednesday. so now showers and storms are just possible tonight. most of us will stay dry. more storms for your labor day. showers and storms for tuesday as you're heading back to work. the good news is that the drought will be a relief.
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take a look at this tonight again. maybe a shower and a storm. tomorrow you'll see more showers and storms as well. temperatures will be near average. with the unsettled weather tomorrow, we're calling it code yellow. the high of 83. tuesday, more showers and storms in the mid-8-- mid-80s. thursday is warming us up into the lower 90s. friday will be good. the humidity is going down. mostly sunny. dry and high with 87. the weekend will look like the highs are in the mid-80s as well with a straight chance of showers or storms. tomorrow, not so great for all you folks that want to be outside. but not a complete washout. that's the good news. all right next, what more do you need to say? they tend to follow the bad outings with the good ones. so your forecast in necessarily the forecast was extremely positive heading into sunday. and oh yeah, he was good. no match for the fire ball
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number 3. still a nail biter at the park. pressing on at the u.s. open. that's all coming up next.
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all right welcome back. creeping closer to the mystical 168th inning mark. his opinion shut down. we know that. what he is concerned about in the present is shaking off statistically. the second worse performance of the year. maxed in for five and five innings on tuesday. today at the park, i mean, bruce, he was cruising through four innings. this is brian anderson. a little lifter out to bryce harper on thursday. don't do it, craig. come on, you're not getting home showing up the hose there. no score there until the 4th. he turned in and burning up just four days. 1-0 by the way, six innings that shut them out. tied at 2 with the base view
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here. and afterwards though, he is talking about the timeline. >> i think that it will be two starts. i mean, most of them needed to pitch ten, the next one out there. which i'm not going to. and so i think that it will be the 12th. >> yes, september 12 that is in the middle of it for the yankees today. i'm not a player. i just need to crush a lot. and that cut the yankees deficit off to 2-1. the 6th though, where baltimore really got it going, the second of the day. they win 8-3, now just two days around the yankees here in the al east. they just won't go home to the u.s. open. but they had a little bit to say about that today and a tough couple of first sets for you. they can't take the heat, so he'll take the first two steps here in the fourth set. afterwards he is just trying to
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hold his emotions together. >> i don't really know how to kind of separate the two. i'm not really trying that hard to kind of force it. i'm just going with it. you know each time that i need to warm up. that might be the last time. it might be my off day. you know, we'll see it, but we're enjoying it. drivers. start your engine! >> hey, that's the wounded warrior. the u.s. army who lives in alexandria, virginia by the way. a tight racing along the inner harbor today on one of the green flags. timing it just right and beating him here to the finish line. good college football coming up tomorrow night, virginia tech is taking on georgia tech. they got a great defense coming back. nine returning defenses. they are always good with the optimal attack. they are saying that it will be fine.
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>> and to know that they have always been very tough. they play tough. they play hard on special teams. they may hard on offense and defense. so it is going to be a big game to open up this season. >> no doubt about that. the sports plus tonight, all kinds of stuff is coming up, they did not look good. >> when can they grill tomorrow? >> it is off and on smiles to have a back up place. >> very good. we'll see you back here tomorrow. bye.
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